‘Accidents?  No dubbing on the staff.  I have been wrong more than others.  Exemption?  I missed him, he revealed our data … ‘

‘Accidents? No dubbing on the staff. I have been wrong more than others. Exemption? I missed him, he revealed our data … ‘

Max Allegri’s press conference comes not only on the eve of the match against Monza or two days after the defeat against Benfica, but also or above all a few hours after the statements made to Mario Sconcerti in the Corriere della Sera.

REACTION – “More than reacting, you need to have great respect for Monza, who have always played good games at home and come from the first point in Serie A. We have to pay close attention to the situations we missed, the six goals we conceded in the last three were all in defense “

VIRTUAL JUVE – “As for what was written this morning, since I have an excellent relationship with Mario, it was a chat after four years that I didn’t hear him and then it was put up as an interview. The Juve we thought for injuries cannot be deployed, it was not necessary for him to put it already Bewildered. On the injuries we had compared to last year or muscle injuries against 10, playing more games, we always question our work and surely we were wrong, who is not wrong? first, that I should make more mistakes than the others. We need clarity, if we won against Benfica what would we have said? at this moment everything is negative, in the meantime we think about closing well tomorrow and after the break we will recover 3-4 players. and this year to the adductors, there is no doubt that the staff at Continassa are working well “

SYSTEM – “To give continuity to a game system, you need to have the players. It’s not a problem with the game system, we have to limit the problems, we take too many goals too easily. Sometimes it seems that things are just me to see them, so I question myself “

INJURIES – “Certainly not even Alex Sandro, Rabiot and Locatelli will be called up. We have some good boys, Szczesny is there but Perin plays. Tomorrow Di Maria will come back, we have to consider whether to let Kean or Kostic play”.

MISTAKES – “I will have wrong changes, formations, preparation … I will have wrong many things”

MOMENT – “One thing I’m sure of, there is always an opportunity for improvement in bad moments, I see it even if we win. The point is to see problems even when we win. We don’t talk about problems, we just have to do Against Benfica this team reacted well after the 1-1, then we lost a contrast … Now we are here and rightly things go, then in twenty minutes maybe things will be different. give peace of mind “

EXEMPTED – “I missed the voice of the exemption, it is a lack that I felt and I was pleased. Why? Because as there is a half result, Allegri is up for discussion, I enjoy what. Resignation? I speak Italian, I went to school but I tried to improve my Italian, I am confident of what we are doing and what we will do. The results judge my work and the staff, it’s normal. You just have to think about doing because we can only improve “

AUTO ABSOLUTION – “If I absolve myself? I am responsible. But you have misread what Sconcerti wrote and I am not reviewing it because it is useless. Have I ever had all the players available? No. Is the team doing well? Yes. , in the conditions he is in. If you win you are a good guy, if you lose … “

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