Anne Hathaway helps Neiman Marcus close fashion week at Empire Diner – WWD

Anne Hathaway helps Neiman Marcus close fashion week at Empire Diner – WWD

After causing a stir from the front row at Michael Kors Wednesday morning, “The Devil Wears Prada” star Andy Sachs – we mean Anne Hathaway – continued his day trip to Fashion Week at Empire Diner. Neiman Marcus took over the nostalgic 10th Avenue diner for the “Live Your Luxury” fashion week party, organized by famous designers Erin Walsh and Jason Rembert.

“We love each other more than we can tell,” Hathaway said as he enthusiastically greeted Walsh, his longtime stylist, outside the diner. The actress invited nearby guests to experience the tactile feel of her fringed red Michael Kors dress, which she debuted on the runway that morning.

“I’ve never had a chance to dress fresh off the runway before. I’m really excited, “said Hathaway.” I loved the show. I thought it was so cozy and sleek, and that’s how I feel right now. Despite the warm temperature of the week, Hathaway was ready to embrace the upcoming fall season. . “I’m so excited for the moment, how good it will be really, really cold. And usually it happens around 1am on November 23. You stand on the street trying to hail a cab, and the temperature drops 17 degrees. instantly, and go, oh, here we are.

The colder months also mark the debut of the Neiman Marcus book and autumn campaign.

“I’m from Texas; I have grown up leafing through the pages of the book since I was a child looking at everything, dreaming, ”said designer Bach Mai, whose dresses are featured in the current issue. On Thursday morning, Mai would be named a nominee for the CFDA’s Emerging Designer of the Year award. “When it came out, having all my friends – because in Texas everyone gets the book – and my family who sent me pictures of my page in the book was the most surreal and humbling experience. It’s a dream indeed.” he added, “I am so proud to be an American designer, but also to be a designer from Texas. I know that Neiman’s woman and the support that Neimans gave me was just incredible.

Other designers in the crowd included Prabal Gurung, Sally LaPointe, Wes Gordon, and Jason Wu.

Walsh touted the retailer’s enthusiasm for bringing in new designers and creating opportunities within the fashion community. “They are so easy to work with,” she added. “If you give them an idea they are like, yes, we cooperate.”

“I’ll be honest with you,” said Rembert, who showed his latest collection for his brand Aliétte runway earlier that day. “Neiman Marcus Group as a whole was the first company to invest in me in bricks and mortar and in the brand,” he said. “They didn’t say, hey, we want to invest in you, but we want to buy your entry-level price points – they invested in me and they bought my luxury price points. And I think that as a designer, this gives you the hope that there is, one, a market for me as a designer, and two, there is also room to grow with the company. “

Rembert has been busy this week: in addition to dressing celebrities, including Lizzo for the Emmy Awards, and debuting his latest collection, the designer is preparing Mary J. Blige for her tour which begins on September 17th. When asked what the sartorial audience can expect to see from the singer, he offered: “Shine. Boots. A lot of custom. We are having fun with stones and beads and shiny fabrics and fabrics that are able to have a lot more flexibility and movement, “he added.” Mary J. Blige is synonymous with her style; ‘fabulous ghetto’ is something she has her own she signs, and I’m there to bring it to life and help her cultivate it. She does a great job of being her and elevating herself honestly, I’m just a ship and I feel great being part of the collaborative process with her.

And with that, dear New York Fashion Week, we leave you with two words:

That’s all.

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