Byoma, Skin Care for Millennials and Gen Z, joins Ulta Beauty – WWD

Byoma, Skin Care for Millennials and Gen Z, joins Ulta Beauty – WWD

Byoma, a skin barrier-focused brand for Millennials and Gen Z, is hitting the shelves at Ulta.

The brand will launch on Sunday with the largest beauty retailer in the United States digitally and will enter 715 ports nationwide on October 16.

Despite the age of the brand – launched just earlier this year – it has already hit $ 9 million in retail sales thanks to its existing partnership with Target, and is on track to hit $ 15 million for its first year. there, the brand confirmed to WWD.

Byoma is owned by Future Beauty Labs, the parent company behind Tan-Luxe, Tanologist and Isle of Paradise. The company’s founder and CEO, Marc Elrick, told WWD it was born from consumer insights.

“We are a consumer-driven company,” he said of the brand’s inception. “During the pandemic, we noticed internally and what we saw on social media was the consumer exfoliating excessively. With the rise of DermTok and a lot of conflicting information out there, I felt like the consumer was more informed but perhaps more confused.

“When we looked at the insights into the data, as well as our social media platforms, we noticed it was a really big deal,” he continued.

The role of social media in branding did not end there. The brand, which packs its formulas in brightly colored, Gen Z-compatible packaging, has already gained 200,000 followers on social media. Its moisturizing gel cream is the brand’s best-selling, given its TikTok virality status with 1.7 million views.

The brand’s offerings include a cleanser, three serums, a moisturizer, and a hydrating trio kit. Each product incorporates a unique barrier-health complex with ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids in optimal ratios. Prices range from $ 12.99 to $ 24.99 and the full assortment will be available on Ulta.

As reported by WWD, Ulta Beauty is winning with the Gen Z consumer. A Piper Sandler survey cited the retailer as the top retailer for the cohort, achieving 48% mind-sharing.

While the brand plays well with younger consumers, Elrick pointed out that Byoma’s appeal spans demographics. “Every single person has a skin barrier and every single person can benefit from barrier care, regardless of whether the barrier is compromised or not,” she said. “We’ve noticed from the data we’re starting to get from our retailers is that it appeals to a much broader demographic.” Byoma also over-indexes with Gen X.

“Our vision is to build the next CeraVe,” Elrick continued. “With the demand we have had from retailers globally and the roadmap we have built, we will absolutely get there.”

The brand, which has recently expanded into European markets, expects to exceed $ 300 million to $ 500 million in retail sales over the next three years.

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