‘Dominated match.  Clear penalty on Zaniolo, should we play clowns and tell the players to dive in? ‘

‘Dominated match. Clear penalty on Zaniolo, should we play clowns and tell the players to dive in? ‘

There Rome falls at home with Atalanta, the Giallorossi coach José Mourinho spoke to Dazn to comment on the match: “Wrong match? I saw it as the easiest match to win this season. With Monza and Cremonese here at the Olimpico we didn’t dominate for 90 minutes, today always”.

DIBALA – “You can imagine a lot of scoring with Paulo in the game, that maybe he does one. But this is to imagine, entering the ‘if’ area. Let’s talk about objectivity: our great game, many scoring, lots of domination and control against a team that defended itself very well. It is a quality for a team to defend very well and also have a bit of luck in some moments. “

EXPULSION – “Nothing in particular with Hateboer and nothing with Chiffi. We wanted to play, they knew he couldn’t play and they threw a long ball at Hateboer to waste time. It’s anti-game. But with Hateboer nothing. Tension built up. for how I wanted to go at a pace that was going very well things? very clear penalty on Zaniolo in the first half I tried to talk to Chiffi after the game, I told him I want to be the best coach possible and if a referee tells me that there is no it is never a penalty if the player does not jump, I have to change the way I train and tell the players to jump in. I asked Chiffi to objectively tell me that he did not give a penalty because my player remained standing, but he did not answer me objectively . from the situations, from the interpretations. For me there is no interpretation, the rigor has already been there. Zaniolo tries to dare continuity in the action but there is no story: if you have to be a clown, we have many in the league, and make fi nta to stay in the pool, I will have to change. Red? If the rule is that a coach cannot enter the field, do not invent anything. “

Then at the press conference, come on Abraham: “Tammy is an extraordinary guy, who wants to do well, who suffers when he does not do well, who lives a moment between the small injury, matches that didn’t go out well, certainly lives an unhappy moment. The forwards are a bit like that like this. But zero criticism, he continues to be the same good guy and professional, he is not here on vacation but to go through learning and improving. He will arrive, there are many players who are having a very good individual moment, he is not at this level “.

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