I didn’t want to be homophobic

I didn’t want to be homophobic

James Bond star George Lazenby in 2019 and 1969

James Bond star George Lazenby said he didn’t intend to make homophobic comments. (Getty Images)

James Bond star George Lazenby apologized for making “offensive remarks” and “homophobic remarks” during a live music show from the 007 franchise.

The 83-year-old actor was eliminated from further performances by James Bond music with George Lazenby in Australia following offensive remarks made on the evening of Saturday 10 September at the Perth Concert Hall.

Lazenby – who played the secret agent in the ’69s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – said in a note on Twitter: “I am sorry and saddened to hear that my stories in Perth on Saturday may have offended some people. It was never my intention to make any offensive or homophobic comments and I am really sorry if my stories that I have shared many times have been taken into account. this way way. I only ever want to share. “

The Australian actor has been accused of being homophobic, disrespectful of women with offensive tales of his sexual conquests, of using foul language and of not showing adequate respect for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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An audience member told Australian radio network 6PR: “He spent the entire interview basically talking about his sexual conquests, he was homophobic, he swore, he certainly wasn’t talking about his Bond movies, he played down the queen a day later. that she died.

“It was absolutely amazing … at one point he called an Australian cricketer whose daughter he was chasing and said he dragged his daughter out of the pub and drove her to London, which is obviously horrible.

George Lazenby as James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  (Image credit: MGM-UA)

George Lazenby as James Bond On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. (Image credit: MGM-UA)

“He named the women he slept with and there were children in the audience.

“There were many families who had taken their children to probably their first ever classical music concert.

“It wasn’t even glamorous, it wasn’t even funny. It was disturbing, offensive … it was absolutely horrible behavior. “

The show’s organizers have now barred him from the next performance in Melbourne.

The WA Symphony Orchestra, which also performed at the event, said in a statement: “Mr. Lazenby’s memories were personal opinions and are totally unacceptable.

“His views are not shared or endorsed by WASO or the Perth Concert Hall.

“We thank the artists Bonnie Anderson and Luke Kennedy, the conductor Nicholas Buc and the WASO musicians for their professionalism.”

George Lazenby in 2018. (Getty Images)

George Lazenby in 2018. (Getty Images)

Concertworks, who organized the event, said: “These were his personal views and there is no excuse for that in today’s society.

“They don’t reflect the views of Concertworks. On behalf of Concertworks, we sincerely apologize to the audience, the artists, the conductor, WASO and the Perth Concert Hall.

“Concertworks denounces Mr. Lazenby’s conduct and the final Music of James Bond concert in Melbourne will proceed without Mr. Lazenby present.”

Lazenby only played James Bond once, in 1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, with Dame Diana Rigg.

George Lazenby with Dame Diana Rigg at the 1969 premiere of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. (Getty Images)

George Lazenby with Dame Diana Rigg at the premiere of On Her Majesty’s Secret Servicein 1969. (Getty Images)

He was cast for the role after the late Sir Sean Connery later resigned You only Live Twicebut was replaced by a returning Connery in Diamonds are forever, before Sir Roger Moore took over the role from the ’73s Live and let die.

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Lazenby told Yahoo in 2021 that he wasn’t surprised his film passed a poll to nominate the best Bond movie ever.

He said: “Over the years it has aged like a good wine, a bit like me”.

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