Lowry says LIV Golf “shouldn’t exist”, believes “ridiculous” cash prize will alienate fans

Lowry says LIV Golf “shouldn’t exist”, believes “ridiculous” cash prize will alienate fans

Shane Lowry never considered joining the LIV Golf International Series because he believed the breakaway league was “bad for the game,” suggesting that the “ridiculous” cash prize during golf will alienate fans.

Lowry overtook Jon Rahm and Rory McIlroy by winning the BMW PGA Championship last week, before labeling his win a “one for the good guys” amidst the presence of LIV players at Wentworth.

Although the 2019 Open winner criticized the Saudi Arabian-backed circuit in preparing for that tournament, he drew criticism earlier this year when he defended his decision to play against the Saudi International by stating; “I’m not a politician, I’m a golfer.”

Lowry admitted he was wrong to make this observation, although his main objection to the existence of LIV Golf remains its decisive impact on the sport.

“When I said ‘I’m not a politician’, my first thought was ‘why did I say that?’ It was the wrong thing to say, “he told the No Laying Up podcast.

“The thing is, I’ve been playing at the Saudi International for the past three years. So, to me, I would have been very hypocritical if I sat here and said, ‘This is where the money comes from.’

“Will I go back and play at Saudi International next year? No. But I just think the LIV tour is bad for the game because it’s very divisive.

“I’m one of the players who thinks LIV doesn’t have to exist. I don’t like the idea.

“It’s a hard topic for me to talk about because I’ve never been blunt. The reason I didn’t is because no one asked me. Rory is blunt because he’s in the media every day.”

Lowry also believes the huge financial incentives available on each tour could alienate fans from golf, adding, “We are very lucky that the corporate world loves golf and that’s why we have such big sponsors and that’s why we play a lot. of money.

“But I feel this is causing a split in the game and is going to annoy people.

“People will stop watching it. I think the sums of money being thrown around are absolutely disgusting right now. I feel like all the people they talk about are money now.

“Now we play for points in the FedEx Cup, but I saw the Tour Championship and all the commentators talked about how much money they were going to win, and I thought, ‘will you just talk about the trophy or the title or how many times tiger [Woods] won? ‘

“General Joe Soap, the guy who works to earn $ 50,000 a year and has to fight to pay his golf club membership and loves the game so much, that probably bothered him more than anyone.”

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