Mushroom Fashion has its NYFW moment at Stella McCartney’s SoHo Store – WWD

Mushroom Fashion has its NYFW moment at Stella McCartney’s SoHo Store – WWD

Surprise, surprise: Mushroom moment and conversation continues at Stella McCartney.

The designer, though not present, this week summoned a group of mushroom innovators along with biotech firm Bolt Threads to her SoHo store to discuss the cheeky fun of mushrooms.

The in-store event held on Tuesday celebrated the commercial release of the Frayme Mylo collection, with bright mushroom-shaped decorations and prototypes on display such as the Falabella handbag, bustier and pants and Frayme Mylo bag (retail for $ 3,500 and sold out online after launch in June). The collection uses Bolt Threads’ Mylo material based on mycelium, or mushroom root-like system, as a biological alternative to leather.

McCartney has partnered with Bolt Threads since 2017 and to date has produced 100 commercial bags in the Mylo material, excluding garments that debuted last year.

A roundtable on mushroom innovation, moderated by Julia Gall, was attended by experts from all disciplines, including Bolt Threads Vice President of Product Development Jamie Bainbridge, Smallhold Mushroom Farm cofounder Andrew Carter, the founder of the medicinal mushroom company Rainbo Tonya Papanikolov and vegetable chef Tara Thomas.

“We don’t know how to grow most of the mushrooms that are out there … It seems the next frontier of discovery is not just food but materials,” Carter said. “It looks like it can fit into any existing industry. The other thing I always get excited about is how excited people are [that] people wear mushroom-shaped t-shirts and go to mushroom fashion events like this one. “

Indeed, a hip crowd gathered to learn more about the innovators behind the world’s first luxury mycelium bag to hit the market.

“In food, what I find the most interesting part is that you can make it salty, sweet, you can change texture. Especially with vegetable cuisine, [mushroom is] kind of a star of the show because he has a body, “said Thomas.

Mushroom manipulators in fashion, along with McCartney, include Adidas, Lululemon, and Kering. Together, the groups formed the open source Mylo consortium founded in 2020. As for how street fashion designers are getting closer, Bolt Threads showed how influencers Griffin Maxwell Brooks, Maria Alia Al-sadek and Kailee McKenzie were spotted flaunting the Frayme Mylo bag on the streets during New York Fashion Week.

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