New David Bowie documentary is “more than a musical experience”

New David Bowie documentary is “more than a musical experience”

Wade: Moonage daydream the director praises David Bowie’s profound impact

Daydream of Moonage, the new documentary on David Bowie directed by Brett Morgen (Cobain: editing by Heck, Giovanna), takes a non-traditional approach to the life and philosophies of the late rock icon.

We all know the music and its fans are aware of its history as well. But what about his outlook on life? His contagious and blissful interpretation of our mortality, or his inspiring and fascinating dive into the creative process?

This is what lays the foundation on which Morgen can build in his new film, which was as deeply impressed with his subject as he hopes audiences will be.

David Bowie in Moonage Daydream.  (Universal)

David Bowie in Moonage Daydream. (Universal)

Speaking to Yahoo, Morgen admits that, despite being something of a Bowie disciple, he was caught off guard by the artist’s philosophies, which he absorbed in the year and a half after a near-death experience.

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“When I started working on the film, I initially had a heart attack and was in a coma for a week,” he said.

Brett Morgen arriving for the London premiere of Moonage Daydream at the BFI Imax Waterloo in London.  Image date: Monday, September 5, 2022. (Photo by Ian West / PA Images via Getty Images)

Brett Morgen arriving for the London Premiere of Moonage daydream. (PA images via Getty Images)

“Over the next 18 months I started ingesting Bowie in my veins and what I found most extraordinary and unexpected were his philosophies, his appreciation of life and the way he put it into practice.

“There was an opportunity to create something much more than a musical experience, something that could be life affirming.”

Morgen also hinted at whether making this film and hearing Bowie discuss the beauty of life gave him a sense of closure on the artist’s death in 2016.

David Bowie in Moonage Daydream.  (Universal)

David Bowie in Moonage Daydream. (Universal)

“From the beginning, he realized how limited and precious our time on this Earth was and he would make the most of it.

“And I would say that having studied – and I do biographies for a living – I don’t know any artist I know who has exploited what life has to offer more than David.”

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Moonage daydream is an imaginative odyssey in Bowie’s life, and Morgen evidently took his role, creatively, from his subject, which will make viewers excited about what this director will work on next.

David Bowie in Moonage Daydream.  (Universal)

David Bowie in Moonage Daydream. (Universal)

But such is the effect the musician has had on this director, Morgen admits that his next project will be something entirely different.

“The experience of doing Moonage daydream and working with Bowie as a kind of inspirational muse has led me to a position where I can no longer make archival films and I can no longer make musical films, “he concluded.

Moonage daydream will be released exclusively in IMAX on September 16 and widely in UK cinemas from September 23. Watch a trailer below.

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