‘Replay with Juve?  There is the return.  I don’t waste time with referee controversies’

‘Replay with Juve? There is the return. I don’t waste time with referee controversies’

Davide Nicolatechnician of the Salernospoke at the press conference on the eve of the match against Lecce: “We are back from an excellent performance, but there are things that we need to improve and this is enough to keep our guard always high. The first 15 minutes of the second half in Turin were a topic for discussion. We must not be satisfied, we are working a lot especially in the interpretation of the restarts which, at times, are not qualitative enough. There are plenty of things to improve “.

STADIUM AT THE ATTACK ALSO AT 94 ‘ – “Calculated risk? This is football. Nobody can afford to manage, the result comes through the production of the game. Quickly recognizing the defensive and offensive transitions allows you to have a precise identity against everyone and at any time of the match. We do not want to wait both the opponent make mistakes, we owe our destiny “.

ARBITRATION DISPUTES – “Worried? I don’t waste time talking about these things. I’m interested in resetting everything quickly, we play tomorrow and we had four days to understand the opponent’s qualities and which strategy is suitable to use any weak points. Lecce has a precise organization of the game, they carry out their ideas for 90 minutes. I saw the match in Naples, they made a transfer against the team that is perhaps in the best form ever. They will come to us to close and start again with great speed, raising the center of gravity to carry out the race in a different way than usual. They must be attacked, if when low we do not position ourselves well we risk suffering “.

FIRST BALANCE – “We are waiting for tomorrow’s race. Being able to play it with everyone increases our self-esteem, but so far we have faced only six opponents. After Lecce we will set the stop to face the next eight races in the best possible way before the two-month stop for the World Championship. that period, mindful of the experiences of the past championship, we would like to get there in the best possible way. After the 90 minutes tomorrow they could make an initial assessment “.

BETTER ON THE MOVE THAN AT HOME – “We faced Roma at a time when we couldn’t be highly performing. Yet we had a decent performance. It is enough for me that the team wants to compete with everyone in a championship full of competitive teams.”

TRAINING CHANGES – “We worked on many things. In Bologna you saw Mazzocchi arm in arm for a good part of the match. Gyomber trained today, he’s fine. In any case, Pirola is ready too. I am lucky enough to have absolutely flexible players, Daniliuc is the team. emblem of what I am telling you. The squad of defenders is made up of people who have different characteristics and can fill multiple roles. A is also chosen based on the characteristics of the opponent.

WHERE TO IMPROVE – “The improvements are not limited to the plays and the way you are on the pitch, but also the quality with which you move on the pitch. There are things that you can perfect in a few hours of training, for others it takes weeks. of the three weeks It is normal for the list of improvements to be long, I must be interested that the boys want to grow with humility but also full awareness. Always feel challenged to work with maximum attention day after day “.

READING THE GAME – “The basic game idea is based on our characteristics, the daily work will give a big hand because the repetitions help to assimilate the concepts. A wide technical-tactical background provides many types of solutions and to recognize which is the best based on at the moment. People appreciate the way we play, they have fun, there is a president who has transmitted the right mentality. “

ABUNDANCE IN ATTACK – “The work you do on the pitch as a team counts a lot. There is no abundance ahead, we have 5 players for two considering that Ribery is missing. During the match two start and two more enter in the second half. The transfer market has been done with logic, we have resources at our disposal. Maybe in a month the players who have started less from the start will play more. You can be decisive even if you enter one minute from the end “.

REPLAY THE MATCH WITH THE JUVE? – “There is the return match and it will be a pleasure to face a great team”.

MAZZOCCHI – “Everyone is growing and everyone can grow again. It is not that we will grow indefinitely, characteristics of course. Everyone has his and his own limits to work on. Pasquale is one of the four outsiders available, physically he is fine and shows enthusiasm. He is a concentrated player, he must continue like this. For all the players I have at the National team. He can be competitive also for other shores. “

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