Score and latest updates from Slovenia Open

Score and latest updates from Slovenia Open

emma raducanu vs Anna-Lena Friedsam live scores slovenia open - WTA Zavarovalnica Sava Portoroz

emma raducanu vs Anna-Lena Friedsam live scores slovenia open – WTA Zavarovalnica Sava Portoroz


Raducanu 2-0 Anna-Lena Friedsam * (* indicates next server)

It is felt that Raducanu’s injury conditioned Friedsam to find the rhythm in this second set.

He simply can’t handle the 19 year old’s wide backhand.

The German served a double foul to put Raducanu up 3-0 in this second set.

Is frustration getting the better of Friedsam?


Raducanu * 2-0 Anna-Lena Friedsam (* indicates next server)

The 19-year-old claimed the second match – some brilliant cross shots were shown by Raducanu who watched the match out.

A clear tactic of the 19-year-old is to force Friedsam into the nets, then she is able to quickly close the points to avoid long relays with the German.


Second Set: Raducanu 1-0 Anna-Lena Friedsam * (* indicates next server)

A good start for Raducanu, who claims the opening game of this second set.

He was able to adapt his game and approach the net and play decisive drops.


Raducanu treatment

The physiotherapist ties Raducanu’s left thigh with heavy white tape. It’s not good for her, but it looks like he’ll keep playing


Concern for Raducanu

The tournament physio immediately goes out to see Raducanu. She is lying on a towel and receiving treatment on her left thigh.


Raducanu 5-7 Friedsam * (* indicates the next server)

Concern for Raducanu who scores a backhand and holds the knee, 0-15. Then he scores another backhand, 0-30.

There is a bit of a limp as he approaches his towel, 15-30. Friedsam throws a lob and Raducanu doesn’t even move.

Raducanu shoots a long forehand and Friedsam takes the set.


Raducanu * 5-6 Friedsam (* indicates the next server)

Ace n. 3 for Friedsam, 15-0. And she completes an easy-to-love grip.

Raducanu’s game fell apart.


Raducanu 5-5 Friedsam * (* indicates the next server)

First ace of the match to open the game for Federer, 15-0. Long straight Raducanu, 15-15. Poor shot on the net by Friedsam, 30-15.

Raducanu then hits his poor drop shot, 30-30. Great roar from Raducanu when Friedsam fails to return a wide first serve, set point. The wild reverse of Raducanu goes wide, two.

Another wide service from Raducanu not rejected, set point n. 4. Little luck for Friedsam with his backhand hitting the net cord and falling on Raducanu’s side of the net.

Raducanu backhand in the net, break point Friedsam. The straight of Raducanu is only long, Friedsam breaks down.


Raducanu * 5-4 Friedsam (* indicates the next server)

Raducanu earns a couple of set points but fails to capitalize. And a backhand error by Raducanu allows Friedsam to keep the serve.

Can Raducanu serve it later?


Raducanu 5-3 Friedsam * (* indicates the next server)

Another nice winning drop shot by Raducanu, 30-0. Great first of Raducanu’s serve and Friedsam’s return is long, 40-0.

And Raducanu cares about love after Friedsam’s mistake.


Raducanu * 4-3 Friedsam (* indicates the next server)

Brilliant from Raducanu while placing a nice cross backhand on the field behind Friedsam, three break points.

Friedsam saves the first with a backhand winner down the line. Then a cross court backhand winner,

But this time Friedsam misses with a backhand e Raducanu breaks down still.


Raducanu 3-3 Friedsam * (* indicates the next server)

Backhand Raducanu in the net, 30-40. Bad mistake by Raducanu on the forehand e Friedsam breaks down still.



We have just received the incredible news that Roger Federer has announced his retirement from tennis.

He will play his last matches at the Laver Cup next week.

Read more here.


Raducanu * 3-2 Friedsam (* indicates the next server)

Three more break points for Raducanu. Friedsam saves the first two after a couple of Raducanu’s mistakes.

Then the third when Raducanu puts a long backhand, two. The longest rally of the match goes to Friedsam, who saves another break point.

And Friedsam completes an important hold when Raducanu puts a backhand wide.


Raducanu 3-1 Friedsam * (* indicates the next server)

Raducanu’s second double fault gives Friedsam two more break points. But he saves them both to bring the game to two.

Another mistake by Friedsam and Raducanu holds.


Raducanu * 2-1 Friedsam (* indicates next server)

Chance for Raducanu who this time Friedsam puts a very wide forehand, 0-30. Friedsam winner by right after a short return from Raducanu, 15-30.

Friedsam puts in a meek straight, two break points. Friedsam double fault e Raducanu breaks down again.

Three breaks in a row to start the game.


Raducanu 1-1 Friedsam * (* indicates next server)

Double foul by Raducanu gives Friedsam the first point of the match, 15-15. Nice aggressive serve from the baseline by Friedsam and Raducanu with a backhand net, 15-30.

Raducanu’s wild forehand goes wide, two break points for Friedsam. Raducanu sails on the backhand long e Friedsam breaks down Backwards.


First set: Emma Raducanu * 1-0 Anna-Lena Friedsam (* indicates next server)

Nice start by Raducanu who goes to 0-30 with a nice drop shot. Friedsam then puts a long backhand, three break points.

Raducanu straight winner to break love. Perfect start from the British number 1.


Here we are!

A place in the quarter-finals awaits the two players as they enter the pitch for their match. Windy conditions in Slovenia.

Friedsam won the draw and will serve first.


Good afternoon

Hello and welcome to Emma Raducanu’s second round coverage at the Slovenia Open.

Raducanu started his winning campaign in Portoroz by beating Dayana Yastremska. Raducanu was leading 6-2, 5-3 when the Ukrainian retired with a wrist injury. The 19-year-old will aim for another confidence-boosting victory after a difficult season that saw her win two straight games on just four occasions.

“Nobody wants to win by retiring,” he said in his post-match interview. “Dayana is an extremely fierce competitor, so I knew it was going to be a tough match. I’m really happy with how I stayed in the spot and fought the whole time, so I’m happy to be in the next round.

“I came here early and it was really good here. I think it’s a beautiful place to hold a tournament, great views, great sunsets and the food is super fresh, so I love my time here.”

Another positive note for Raducanu, she will remain Britain’s No. 1 even though she loses today after Harriet Dart was beaten in the first round by Tereza Martincova. World number 85 Dart received a lucky underdog entry into the tournament and handed her opponent a bagel in the opening before she dropped 0-6, 6-4, 6-1. A good performance by Dart at the WTA 250 event could have seen her overtake Raducanu, who saw her ranking drop to 83 after an early exit at the US Open, but this defeat means there will be no changing of the guard in the British rankings for now.

Today, Raducanu plays Germany’s Anna-Lena Friedsam, who made it through qualifying and beat Elizabeth Mandlik in the opening round. Friedsam entered the tournament at number 213 in the world, but reached career number 45 in 2016.

The winner of this match will face France’s Diane Parry in the quarter-finals on Friday.

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