Sophia Chabott’s great ambitions for the beauty of the will – WWD

Sophia Chabott’s great ambitions for the beauty of the will – WWD

When she launched Testament Beauty last year, Sophia Chabott started small with two masks. She now she is thinking big.

The former publisher, who has experience at Saks Fifth Avenue, WWD and Glamor behind him, is bringing the Mediterranean diet mindset for his beauty brand’s face into new product categories. Testament unveils its first everyday products, Ancient Vine Vitality Serum and Damascena Rose De-Stress Moisturizer, which will debut at $ 120 and $ 88 online respectively with Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Anthropologie and the brand’s site. The serum will bow in October, with the moisturizer following in the winter.

After just over a year, the brand’s DNA has proven to resonate with consumers and retailers alike. “I’ve always been a skincare enthusiast and as an editor for over 15 years, I’ve had a unique perspective on several categories,” said Chabott. “When I opened my vanity, all these little jars and bottles were all about anti-aging, prevention, correction and that kind of language left me with a ‘gotta fix this’ mindset that didn’t make me feel good. There was a lot of clutter and complications right there in my vanity. I got the enlightenment that I wanted a skincare practice that was intuitive, products that used ingredients grown in the garden, one that was positive and provided results. It was a eureka moment ”.

What Chabbott coined the “Mediterranean diet for the face” informed every step of the brand’s creation, from natural ingredients to the packaging itself. “The Mediterranean diet and culture aspect connects to so many people across so many different cultures. In recent years, in the conversations I’ve had with customers, retailers and influencers, there’s a sense of familiarity, “said Chabbott.” It’s like this idea of ​​sitting at a table, enjoying a meal with friends and family. This idea it puts people at ease, it unites them. I want customers to feel like they come home when they use my products.

“I also went back to my legacy,” she continued. “I remember going to my great-grandmother’s house: that kitchen, the vegetable garden, the experience of the Mediterranean diet were a fundamental part of my childhood. She used the plants from the garden to do skin care. The mask of Turkish coffee is a direct reference to her, she had the most amazing Turkish coffee.

Testament launched in July 2021 with the two masks – a Turkish coffee exfoliator and a Moroccan chamomile sleeping mask – as a Saks exclusive. Tapping into the strength of the store was key to scaling the business. “Even when you think about the power of search engine optimization, these partnerships even increase the ranking of Digital touchpoints are so powerful and our resellers have partnered with us to scale, “she said.

Sofia Chabott

Chabbott did not rule out the expansion of the Testament brick and mortar footprint. “We spoke to some of our key door testing partners across the country,” she said. “Everything is designed to appear on a website and on social media [media], but there’s nothing like seeing and feeling a tactile product in person. Both are important ”.

From an innovation standpoint, Chabbott’s game plan was to launch products with immediate results and gratification. With shoppers hooked on the brand, he’s focusing on everyday products to increase retention rates. “The replenishment rates of the masks are not what they are for everyday products,” she said. The goal is to “bring Testament Beauty into our routines, morning and night,” she said.

“I wanted [consumers] knowing they were getting value with Testament Beauty, you could see results right away and increase results with continued use, “continued Chabott.” With everyday products, it takes a week, two weeks to really get that impact. . We have proven ourselves with our two products, they have become cult favorites. With these new ones, Testament Beauty will be in the daily lives of our customers. “

Industry sources estimate the two launches will exceed $ 1 million in retail sales for their first 12 months on the market, though Chabott did not comment on the projections. Given the initial consumer response to the brand, however, it is bullish. “The immediacy of our approach with the first two products has resonated with customers. People saw the results right away and enjoyed the experience, “Chabott said.” While it’s a straightforward approach, our packaging speaks to us by providing a holistic approach. The packaging also acts as a decor. Customers post on Instagram on using our ships as jewelry boxes, I sometimes grow herbs in my jars. The formulas that have the impact they have and that holistic approach are working. “

The moisturizer includes Damask Rose, Chamomile Extract and Probiotics, and was developed with all skin types in mind. The Ancient Vine Vitality Serum, a multi-purpose face oil, includes grape seed oil, vitamin C, raspberry seed and pumpkin seed oils for nutrient-rich hydration.

Chabbott’s top priority is to boost Testament’s brand awareness, as his client spans ages, demographics, and geographies. “We are a brand that currently does not require external investments. The biggest challenges lie in building brand recognition, “she said.” What remains is that holistic experience, plus the idea that people connect to the brand in an intuitive way. ”

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