Steve Diamond prepares for “Worcester’s last game at Sixways, ever”

Steve Diamond prepares for “Worcester’s last game at Sixways, ever”

Steve Diamond says Worcester will have a mindset of Saturday’s Gallagher Premiership clash against Newcastle, being their last ever game at Sixways.

Warriors rugby manager Diamond described the club’s current succession of dark days as a “period of near purgatory”.

Worcester have until Monday evening to provide Rugby Football Union with proof that they have the required insurance, are able to meet their paychecks and have a “credible plan to keep the club going”.

The Warriors are burdened with debts totaling over £ 25 million, including at least £ 6 million in unpaid taxes, amid growing anger at owners Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham, who have been accused of dismantling the club assets.

If Worcester does not provide insurance on the financing and insurance required by the RFU, they have been told that the suspension could lead to complete removal from all leagues.

In this context, Worcester will host the Falcons and Diamond said: “Our mindset tomorrow is that it is our last game at Sixways, ever.

“I’m really proud of the guys who are going out tomorrow. There is no need for a team dialogue.

“And tomorrow night we go out to Worcester for a team pint. We will find nice bars and discos for older gentlemen like me who are in a corner ”.

Culture Minister Stuart Andrew said on Thursday that the government will send professional advisors “imminently” to take a closer look at the club and potential options.

Putting the club in administration is a decision “we will not be afraid to make” if it is deemed the most suitable, the minister added.

Decision day is fast approaching and Diamond said, “We have been in this period of near purgatory for some time now, and it is starting to reach its climax, no doubt with our potential suspension on Monday.


Worcester fans showed considerable loyalty to the club (Nigel French / PA)

“I don’t know how he got to this position. It’s sad, and it’s diabolical that he was allowed to walk around the cemetery by himself, virtually, and I never thought he would get to this position, but he is.

“Just letting 23 guys out to give their best is all I care about right now, and if people had the same backstage mentality that I have, then they wouldn’t be in the position they are in.”

Diamond also faced the likely scenario of Worcester’s suspension and their season’s suspension.

“I don’t want to guess, but I know what, I’ll take a look at some places in the sun in the next fortnight if we get suspended,” he said.

“From what I believe, if we are suspended, because there is no public liability insurance we will not be able to use the stadium to train so we will have to train off-site somewhere, maybe a local school or other you, but I think I could grant him some free time.

“To be loyal to the league, to be loyal to the union (RFU), you can’t have a team that doesn’t play five or six games and put them back on the pitch.

“I suppose if we were suspended and went into administration, it would be a two or three week process and we could play after the break. We have a goodbye week in two weeks.

“If the right investor comes along with the right capital investment, working capital, you shouldn’t be Warren Buffett (American business tycoon) to turn the tables.

“There has been no financial control, no real engagement in the business.”

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