The best movies streaming from “Drifting Home” to “Shape of Water”

The best movies streaming from “Drifting Home” to “Shape of Water”

What to Watch: The Shape of Water, Drifting Home, and Marry Me are all new to stream this weekend.  (20th Century Studies / Netflix / Universal)

What to watch: The shape of water, Adrift around the house And marry me they’re all new to stream this weekend. (20th Century Studies / Netflix / Universal)

Wondering what to watch this weekend? The new streaming releases offer a host of comforts for a long weekend. New to Netflix, the spectacular yet gentle lush anime Adrift around the housedirected by rising star Hiroyasu Ishida, it stands out for its excellent artistry and visual storytelling.

At the same time, just before Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming stop-motion adaptation PinocchioDisney + offers a chance to catch up on its direct competitor’s recent Oscar winner The shape of wateran otherworldly fantasy novel that ranks among the director’s most weepy productions.

Meanwhile, more unconventional love stories air on NOW, with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson led marry me channeling Notting HillThe story of a celebrity who meets normality in a slightly deranged throwback of the romantic comedies of the 2000s, in a funny and sweet film but perhaps not traditionally … “good”.

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Meanwhile, historical epics from different times – Brave Heart And Rush – BBC iPlayer screen, to the great benefit of dads across the UK.

Note that a subscription may be required to watch.

Adrift around the house (2022) – Netflix (pick of the week)

Coming home (Netflix)

Adrift around the house (Netflix)

Apparently educated in the tradition of Studio Ghibli, director Hiroyasu Ishida’s previous film Penguin Highway has crafted a better coming-of-age tale than the famous studio has been doing in some time, full of winning charm and a contagious sense of adventure.

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His latest film Adrift around the house finds the pathos in an equally extravagant premise: while the sixth-grade students and childhood friends, Kosuke and Natsume’s condominium, destined to be demolished, is suddenly transported to the middle of the sea, crossing it like a boat.

Apparently about the inevitable pain of leaving old friends behind and, well, drifting away from old friends, Adrift around the house is told in wonderful, detailed animation full of life and emotional overtones.

Also on Netflix: Take revenge (2022), I was famous (2022)

The shape of water (2017) – Disney +

Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones in The Shape of Water.  (20th century studies)

Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones in The Shape of Water. (20th century studies)

Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar-winning tear-jerker has lost some of his luster over time, but the lush, monstrous romance The shape of water it’s still eminently watchable and is filled with the typically lush scenography and gorgeous tactile skill that the Mexican director has honed over the years.

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Her story is set against the paranoid backdrop of the 1962 Cold War, where a mute janitor (Sally Hawkins) who works in a lab falls in love with an amphibious man (frequent collaborator of Del Toro and creature actor Doug Jones) held captive there and devises a plan to help him escape.

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As in many of Del Toro’s last-day films, he is full of reverence for the cinema, full of winking references as he shoots his peculiar fantasy romance. At the same time he keeps his taste for the ever-present macabre: people get some surprisingly nasty flesh wounds in it, even as he teaches a serious message about how cynicism makes a life empty.

It’s all part of the director’s penchant for the genre leap, rarely happy that his films are anything.

Also new on Disney: Mija (2022)

marry me (2022) – NOW with a Sky Cinema subscription

(from left) Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) and Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) in Marry Me, directed by Kat Coiro.  (Universal images)

Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) and Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) enter marry me, directed by Kat Coiro. (Universal images)

With an utterly ludicrous premise that could have led to the film being declared dead upon arrival, marry me – inexplicably inspired by Bobby Crosby’s webcomic of the same name – stars Jennifer Lopez in the role of pop star Kat Valdez. After learning that her boyfriend Bastian (Maluma) is having an affair, she decides on a whim to marry Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), a math teacher in her audience holding a “Marry Me” sign.

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Sometimes the Notting Hill-the inspired film seems to have been radiated into our reality by a dimension that exists outside our own, or at least, like it Quantum Leap from the 2000s. In other cases it is genuinely rather sweet, full of the kind of heartfelt romantic comedy mockery that has mostly disappeared from movie screens two decades ago, replaced by irony and cynicism.

It is the scarcity of these films that works marry me Advantage: Here it looks like a novelty instead of a misfire as its two contacts do well to sell some incredibly silly material with a whole heap of charm.

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Brave Heart (1995) – BBC iPlayer

Mel Gibson in a scene from the film

Mel Gibson in a scene from the movie “Braveheart”, 1995. (Photo by 20th Century-Fox / Getty Images)

A historical epic that almost everyone can quote at the top of their lungs at this point, the film directed and directed by Mel Gibson follows William Wallace’s rebellion against Edward I in 14th-century Scotland.

The Scots, suffering under the oppression of the tyrannical king of England, find the courage to resist this iron rule in Wallace’s courage – and a hellish speech, even with Gibson’s incredibly fatal accent.

Also on iPlayer: The Elephant Man, Rush

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