the best products made with DNA repair enzymes

the best products made with DNA repair enzymes

Could DNA repair enzymes be the secret weapon we need in the war on wrinkles?  (Shutterstock / SvetlanaFedoseev)

Could DNA repair enzymes be the secret weapon we need in the war on wrinkles? (Shutterstock / SvetlanaFedoseev)

UV exposure, pollution and the natural aging process are just some of the factors that can cause DNA damage. Signs of this impairment include sagging skin, pigmentation, and even skin cancer.

Scientific studies show that antioxidants and sunscreen are simply not enough to repair this damage.

DNA repair enzymes occur naturally in the skin to repair sun damage, but these shorten as we age, which is why brown spots and wrinkles start to appear at a certain age.

Esther Fieldgrass, founder of EF Medispa and EF SKIN, stresses the importance that DNA repair enzymes can play in keeping skin young: “Or the skin is our largest organ and its main function is to protect it from harmful factors. of external stress. Environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution increase the levels of oxidative stress in our skin leading to the formation of lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

“Additionally, our collagen production slows down as we age and important enzyme functions are disrupted, all leading to skin aging. To help our skin function better, we can use ingredients such as marine DNA to stimulate cellular communication. By protecting ourselves from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and improving cell-to-cell signaling for collagen synthesis, we can repair our skin and protect it in the future. “

We have collected the best enzyme products for DNA repair.

Priori DNA Intense Recovery Cream

Priori Skincare is one of the best-known brands around when it comes to DNA-based skincare products and offers a whole range of science-backed products designed specifically not only to ward off the signs of aging, but also to face them head-on at the same time.

The brand’s DNA Intense Recovery Cream is perhaps the most enhanced of the bunch, an effective multi-tasking skin enhancer that digs deep to repair from within. With high-powered DNA repair enzymes to restore and reverse skin damage on a cellular level and a soft, supple texture, it’s soft and buttery to apply and feels as luxurious as its price suggests.

Other key ingredients? Hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E to stimulate collagen production.

Buy Now £ 89.00, Strawberry Net

Annemarie Borlind Naturepair Detoxifying and DNA repair fluid

Naturepair Detox & DNA Repair Fluid by Annemarie Borlind counteracts the breakdown of proteins in the skin’s layers and acts in the same way as a super powerful face.

This luxury product is best for stressed skin that requires a little extra regeneration – think of it as an extra hand in your daily skincare routine.

Combining Proteolea (the brand’s detoxifying ingredient) and Celligent (a DNA repair complex), it is designed to provide intensive nourishment and support the skin’s natural protection against UV-induced stress. Better yet, it’s totally vegan and free from mineral oil derivatives.

Buy Now £ 53.50, Strawberry Net

Total DNA repair of Neova

Neova is another popular choice, and the brand’s DNA Total Repair is one of the best options for tackling skin repair from all angles. While it’s a little more expensive than other options out there, a little goes a long way. And, once you witness the powerful effects of this particular serum, you will stop thinking about its price.

Total Repair Serum contains three different pure DNA repair enzymes and a super antioxidant complex, which promises not only to protect the skin from external interactions, but also to repair already damaged skin from the inside. Expect to see visible improvements in a few weeks.

Buy Now £ 88.00, Neova

Oskia CityLife Booster

Choose Oskia’s CityLife Booster for a little extra DNA-infused help on days when you’ll be in a lot of pollution. A great add-on product designed for those who live in the city or spend a lot of time outdoors in polluted areas, is a high-potency serum that protects similarly to how we imagine an armor sheet covering the face would do.

Utilizing ultra-advanced technology, including self-healing EUK 134 which transforms skin-damaging free radicals into water and DNA-protecting O3 yeast lysate, it is designed to be paired with almost any other skin care product (moisturizing, serum, SPF) to fit perfectly into your existing routine.

Buy Now £ 113.00, Worship Beauty

Medik8 Advanced Day Ultimate Protect SPF50 +

Most DNA repair products are SPF or other skin barriers, which makes sense when you consider their purpose and intention.

Medik8’s Advanced Day Ultimate Protect SPF50 + is one of the most intense options out there and is perfect for anyone looking to beef up their current skincare routine with a heavy dose of impressive ingredients.

Suitable for sensitive skin but still absolutely powerful, this day cream is fortified with SPF50 + PA ++++ to help protect the skin from harmful UVA / UVB rays, blue light, infrared light, glycation and pollution. The best part? Its 360 ° invisible environmental shield, which helps protect the skin from harmful external aggressors.

Buy now £ 59.00, lookfantastic

Theraderm DNA Rejuvenation Cream

The only thing better than DNA repair enzyme products is a DNA repair enzyme product boosted with antioxidants. Enter: Theraderm DNA Rejuvenation Cream. A rich, silky and moisturizing cream, it uses advanced silk technology infused with marine DNA and anhydrous vitamin C to promote tissue reconstruction and skin illumination.

Great if you have dry skin and need a little extra hydration at the same time, this day cream is strong enough to be used day and night without weighing down the skin. If you have problems with hyperpigmentation, this is an ideal choice.

Buy Now £ 105.00, EF Skin

Lancaster Total Age Correction amplified anti-aging rich day cream

Lancaster Beauty Total Age Correction Amplified Anti-Aging Rich Day Cream is a product that deserves to be acclaimed. One of the best choices for quick results, this cream gives a soft glow to your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also helping to repair from the inside out.

Although it includes an SPF rating of 15, you would probably want to pair this product with stronger sunscreen for the best results. But where it excels is with its well-rounded approach. Tackling skin problems from both sides of the coin, it fuses the benefits of DNA repair together with a retinol-enriched complex.

Buy now £ 46.60, lookfantastic

Comfort Zone Sun Soul Milk Body Spray

You may find that most DNA repair products are a little richer than your standard skin care line. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, try Comfort Zone’s Sun Soul Milk Body Spray. Of course, it’s not as intense as some of the other products on the list. But if you are looking to expand your skincare routine into your 20s or are a person without a lot of visible damage, this is a great choice for keeping your skin happy early on.

Designed to provide your skin with essential daily protection from the damaging effects of UV exposure, it is composed of a DNA defense biomimetic peptide to balance and invigorate the skin with a milky texture to ensure hydration. Spray as a finishing touch after applying the SPF for best results.

Buy now £ 12.10, lookfantastic

Pevonia Power Repair Intensifier for age correction

Power Repair Age Correction Intensifier by Pevonia is a kind of revolutionary firming and restorative treatment, loved for its ability, as the name suggests, to intensely repair the skin from within. It is one of the products in the brand’s Power Repair line and is widely regarded as one of the best products for repairing skin from all angles.

Its formula contains peptides and polysaccharides of plant origin to fight the visible signs of aging at the cellular level, while its Jasmine Oil hydrates and its Sorghum improves texture and increases firmness. Apply a few drops to your face and neck before bed and you should see noticeable results after a few weeks.

Buy Now £ 69.50, Strawberry Net

Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defense SPF30

Daily DNA Defense SPF30 by Katherine Daniels is an award-winning sunscreen perfect for providing sun protection and skin care from the inside at the same time. This ultra-light fluid quickly transforms into an invisible veil of advanced photoaging technology, using both DNA defense and repair enzymes to initiate your natural repair mechanisms.

The brand claims that your DNA repair increases by 40% in 30 minutes, about 100 times faster than your skin could start repairing. If you spend a lot of time in the sun and aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the shade, this is an essential purchase.

Buy Now £ 59.00, Katherine Daniels Cosmetics


DNA repair enzymes may be a new addition to the skin care market, but there are already plenty of options out there. Struggling to choose just one? We would choose Priori DNA Intense Recovery Cream: A great all-rounder renowned for its skin-loving benefits.

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