The Laver Cup is the right way to end Roger Federer’s incredible career

The Laver Cup is the right way to end Roger Federer’s incredible career

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup Credit: PA Images

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup Credit: PA Images

Barbara Schett said the Laver Cup is ideal for Roger Federer’s farewell to competitive tennis.

The 41-year-old has been out of business for some time and one final Grand Slam run started to look more and more unlikely.

Federer will not add to his tally of 20 Grand Slams by handing the all-time race to rivals Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal with whom he will team up for the Laver Cup.

The Laver Cup workload will be much lower, but it will also give Federer the chance to come out in front of a suitably large audience.

Speaking to Eurosport, Schett said: “It makes sense to me.

“He hasn’t played since last year at Wimbledon. I’ve always thought, okay, if there is an event that he will play again then it will be the Laver Cup because he is so involved in the Laver Cup as well.

“Especially this year, it’s so special to see the ‘Big Four’ (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray) play in one team, at the same time, on the same weekend, team up in particular and not play against each other. other is something so special and unique. That’s why I thought ‘ok, this could be it’. “

“I was lucky to have been there the last few times when it started, and the atmosphere is just great. It’s one of the best events I’ve ever been to and this will be even better. It will be sold out, it will be shocked there, the atmosphere will probably be even better. The O2 Arena could collapse, who knows!

Schett is confident that a large crowd will show up now for the Laver Cup, with a number of fans reporting problems getting tickets after Federer dropped the announcement of his retirement.

“Everyone wants to go see it,” Schett said.

“It will also be very sentimental for him, very emotional for him too because everyone will be gathered there. There will be Rod Laver. Past players like Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, all tennis greats will be there.

“I think it’s a great choice because it will be celebrated.

“All eyes will be on him. All cameras will be on him at the Laver Cup.

“We know there is access everywhere: in the locker room, in the players’ room, yes, cameras are practically everywhere.

“I think everyone will be aware – the fans, spectators, spectators and team members that this will be the last time he’s around.

“He has always had such a positive spirit, especially in the team environment. I’m sure these scenes are going to be very special and it’s just going to be phenomenal. “

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