The queen was a great supporter of young creative talents

The queen was a great supporter of young creative talents

The Queen on a visit to London Fashion Week (Yui Mok / PA) (PA Wire)

The Queen on a visit to London Fashion Week (Yui Mok / PA) (PA Wire)

A London Fashion Week organizer said she felt it appropriate to run the event in a scaled-down fashion after the queen’s death, as she was a “very strong advocate of young creative talents”.

Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC), told Sky News that the LFW event will continue from September 16-20 to support local creative companies and designers.

However, he confirmed that the annual festivities and the “celebration of creativity” will be delayed until October out of respect for the late monarch.

Ms. Rush told Sky News: “So what we’re really doing is focusing on the business-to-business part of London Fashion Week, which is essentially the shows, the presentations, the part of London Fashion Week where the international press and buyers come to London because it’s about generating orders, it’s about business.

“And of course London Fashion Week is a platform for many emerging designers and independent companies, many of whom have had really busy years and have already committed significant expenses and so everything is unfolding but obviously in a different and scaled-down tone.

“But of course, we want to make sure we support local creative businesses. The queen herself was a great advocate of young creative talent and therefore we feel it is appropriate to do so.

“But obviously, the holidays have been postponed and the citywide celebration that we normally do, is normally a true celebration of creativity in our city, we move to October when we have the opportunity to reflect the creativity that will be shown in the coming days and really celebrate it and support retail at that point. “

The BFC CEO said the postponed celebrations will likely take place from 6-13 October.

He added that they will provide “an opportunity to really focus on celebrating our young designers, our independent businesses and our retail brands” and the “brilliant creativity that London is known for.”

Organizers had previously stated that London Fashion Week will observe “royal protocol” and will be dedicated to the late monarch.

A shared statement online added: “After speaking with designers and industry members, we as an industry want to unite as a creative and business community to celebrate Her Majesty’s legacy and commitment to creativity and design.

“The British Fashion Council would like to thank our partners, designers, creative teams, brands, media, retailers, patrons and a wider community of stakeholders.”

All Union flags will fly at half mast during the event and a minute’s silence will be held on Sunday at 8pm.

There will be no performances or events on Monday 19 September, the day of the Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Hall in central London.

The Newgen headquarters at the Selfridges Hotel will also have a space for industry members to write tributes.

A number of high fashion brands, including Burberry and Raf Simons, have announced that they will cancel their shows at LFW following news of the queen’s death and others are expected to pay homage to the monarch’s fashion within their collections.

An updated schedule of events has also been posted on the LFW website.

The queen was known for being a longtime supporter of British fashion, launching the QEII Award for British Design at LFW in 2018 and handing Richard Quinn the inaugural award.

Following the news of his death, LFW said in a statement that his reign would be marked as “one of empathy, strength and grace”.

“Her Majesty’s easygoing style, charm and sense of fun were evident and her passion for supporting young creatives will continue to inspire the next generation,” the statement read.

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