Twenty-four Ukrainian fashion brands join forces for pop-up shop in SoHo until 3 October – WWD

Twenty-four Ukrainian fashion brands join forces for pop-up shop in SoHo until 3 October – WWD

Knowing that continued news coverage of the war in Ukraine is not enough to keep millions of people in tune with the suffering and destruction occurring there, four Ukrainian fashion designers and two other Ukrainian brands organized a group presentation during New York Fashion Week to strengthen their businesses and to humanize the plight of their country.

About 7.2 million people have fled Ukraine to other parts of Europe and around 8 million people have been displaced within the country.

Now New York consumers can support one of the labels that was part of the New York Fashion Week event as part of an even larger assortment of Ukrainian brands at a pop-up store in SoHo. Twenty-four Ukrainian fashion and accessories brands will be offered at Doors NYC’s headquarters at 426 West Broadway through October 3. The brands will also be online on the Doors NYC website. The range of labels varies from established ones, such as Litkovskaya, whose founder Lilia Litkovskaya visited New York earlier this week, to lesser-known emerging ones, including Cult Naked, Dhsuz, Kris Maran, Aisenberg Denim, Vikele Studio, Oversized Studio, Guranda, La Musa, Chego, Mashat, La Marina and Sheezen.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife Olena Zelenska encouraged Ukrainian entrepreneurs to continue working to offset the impact of the war on the local economy and to express the country’s resilience.

The pop-up will get more attention next week, thanks to a scheduled visit by Latvian First Lady Andra Levita on September 20. She will support the initiative by meeting Doors NYC founder Alise Trautmane-Uzuner, originally from Latvia, who has a Ukrainian grandmother.

Online, the Doors NYC website highlights how “local businesses are doing their best to stay afloat despite immense human tragedy and chaos, and that” another way to help is to support independent fashion and entertainment talents. Ukrainians whose livelihood depends on their activities “.

It is estimated that around 220,000 people are employed in the textile industry in Ukraine.

The Doors NYC team has been working for the past four months on creating pop-ups for Ukrainian fashion brands. As a self-financed start-up, Doors NYC invites supporters and shoppers to spread the word about Ukrainian designer pop-ups not only by spending at SoHo pop-ups or online, but also by engaging on social media via #supportUkraine.

Launched in May 2021, Doors NYC is a multi-dimensional platform offering e-commerce, PR showroom, wholesale showroom and experiential pop-up platform for independent stylists, niche brands and emerging artists. The company works with over 20 innovative creatives in the field of fashion and art.

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