What happened to Chris Kaba?

What happened to Chris Kaba?

Chris Kaba died after being shot by a metropolitan police officer (Inquest / PA) (PA Media)

Chris Kaba died after being shot by a metropolitan police officer (Inquest / PA) (PA Media)

Chris Kaba’s deadly shooting on 5 September in Kirkstall Gardens, Streatham Hill, London sparked fear and anger across the UK.

The police recently confirmed that there was no gun, other than the police weapon, at the scene. A detailed search was completed following the shooting and no firearms were found in the vehicle or at the scene, the Independent Police Conduct Office (IOPC) said.

Kaba was to become a father and was engaged to girlfriend Karima Waite. A criminal investigation into his death is underway and on Saturday 10 September hundreds of people marched demanding justice for the murdered man.

Here are all the details you need to know about the case.

What happened on September 5th?

Kaba was driving a car in South London on Monday 5 September when the vehicle, which was later found to be registered under a different name, according to the IOCC, was captured by an automatic license plate recognition camera for having recently been linked to a firearm accident.

Police officers say they chased the vehicle, which was “later cornered by two police cars” in Streatham Hill, HuffPost said. A firearms officer then fired a single shot through the driver’s side of the windshield, police say.

The IOCC said CPR was “immediately administered” and that ambulance service support was quickly requested. Kaba, who was 24, died that night in the hospital.

In a statement last week, his family said, “We are devastated; we need answers and we need accountability.

“We are concerned that if Chris had not been black, he would have been arrested on Monday night and his life would not have been interrupted.”

It became known that Kaba was expecting a baby from Ms. Waite, who described him as a “very kind, loving and caring young man,” she said. South London Print.

Jefferson Bosela, Kaba’s cousin and spokesperson for the family, speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, said: “The family discovered 11 hours [after he died]so his mother would wake up and go to work without knowing that her son was no longer alive ”.

What did the Met Police say about the incident?

After the incident, Met Assistant Commissioner Amanda Pearson said she “absolutely understands that this shooting is a matter of grave concern, particularly to our black communities.”

He added that firearms officers have a “difficult and often dangerous” job, stating: “I do not underestimate the impact of this development on them.”

On Monday 12 September it was reported that the officer responsible for firing the killing shot had been suspended from front-line duties.

“This decision was made after careful consideration of a number of factors, including the significant impact on public confidence, and in light of the announcement of a murder investigation by the Independent Police Conduct Office.” Pearson said.

Bosela said the family welcomed the decision to suspend the officer, but added that the IOCC was too slow to act.

“I think the moment an investigation was opened it should have been suspended from there,” Bosela said. “You know, it’s the fact that the IOCC is moving a little too slowly. First we wanted to open a criminal investigation which took three to four days, then we wanted the agent suspended and it took another two days. So there seems to be no urgency in their relationship in this tragic affair.

Mr. Bosela added: “[The IOPC] they have been extremely vague throughout the entire investigation, in terms of very basic details … and when it comes to explaining how long the investigation will take they were equally vague. They are not really helping and I think it has certainly caused a lot of upset not only for the family but also for the local community. “

London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted that he welcomed the decision and said he was in regular contact with police watchdog and new Met commissioner Sir Mark Rowley.

The IOCC, a body that looks into complaints against police in England and Wales, has launched a murder investigation into Kaba’s death. He is reviewing police footage and CCTV cameras in the area, as well as following up on house-to-house investigations.

The IOCC also clarified that the suspension of the agent who killed Kaba does not mean “that they will end up facing criminal charges or a misconduct hearing”.

Wednesday 14th September the firearms officers threatened to hand over the guns after their colleague who fired the killing shot was suspended.

The Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents more than 30,000 police officers in London, said it supports a “brave firearms colleague and their family”.

He added in a statement posted on Twitter: “Being a firearms officer in London is one of the hardest jobs in the world.”

“The officers – the volunteers – know the responsibility / responsibility that comes with it and deserve our support. Misinformed comments from those in positions of power following any tragic incident are unwarranted. “

“The Metropolitan Police Federation is supporting a brave firearms colleague involved in a recent South London accident – and we are also supporting his family. Our thoughts are with all concerned “.

When did the protests take place?

Hundreds of people marched on September 10, demanding justice for Kaba and the lives of blacks. The march started in Parliament Square and ended outside Scotland Yard. Kaba’s family was joined by supporters, rapper Stormzy and several MPs including Bell Ribeiro-Addy and Diane Abbott of Labor.

Protesters marching to New Scotland Yard, London, following the death of rapper Chris Kaba (Left Unity / PA) (Left Unity / PA Media)

Protesters marching to New Scotland Yard, London, following the death of rapper Chris Kaba (Left Unity / PA) (Left Unity / PA Media)

In a speech to the protesters, Stormzy said: “Everyone here today, I would encourage everyone to have resistance, and I know it’s a very hard thing to say … But when these people do these things, they get away with it, because what happens. is we do it once, we get tired, we tweet, we get tired, we do it for a week, we do it for two weeks, we do it for a month and they know we get tired.

“What they did is they killed someone. We can’t sweeten it. “

Abbott also addressed the protesters and said, “I don’t know how I would feel if my son was killed in cold blood.”

“[Chris] he is not the only black man killed by the metropolitan police.

The signs displayed by the protesters read “Justice for Chris Kaba” and “Black Lives Matter”.

Why has Sky News been criticized?

Sky News was heavily criticized after wrongly identifying the event as a gathering of mourners in honor of the queen after her death.

When an aerial shot showing the huge group appeared during his live coverage of the queen’s death, a host described the scene saying, “There are thousands of people along that route, it’s truly an amazing sight.”

“They will make their way down the Mall, very slowly, meeting new friends along the way, talking about their journey here, their memories of the queen, their wishes for the new king.”

Sky News then made it clear that the shot showed a march for Kaba live.

A spokesperson told i news bulletin: “We apologize for a mistake made today, which accidentally misidentified aerial images of a protest march for Chris Kaba as a large gathering that pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II.”

“We also issued an on-air fix to clarify the footage shown above.”

He was also criticized, along with other media outlets, for delaying coverage of Chris Kaba’s death and accused of prioritizing coverage of the Queen’s death.

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