What is still open on today’s public holiday?

What is still open on today’s public holiday?

Pubs and shops are open Monday bank holiday the queen's funeral tomorrow nhs pub schools what is closed

Pubs and shops are open Monday bank holiday the queen’s funeral tomorrow nhs pub schools what is closed

Britain will stand still today as the nation finally greets Queen Elizabeth at her state funeral.

With an extra holiday allowed when the king approved an order during the Accession Council, there will be only a handful of restaurants and shops still open.

Downing Street indicated that it is up to individual companies how to approach the holiday.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the day of the funeral will function as “a normal public holiday”.

Here’s everything that’s open during today’s ceremony.

Which stores will be open today?

Tesco said it will open its Express convenience stores from 5pm, while a small number of convenience stores in central London and Windsor will remain open.

Other retailers, including Sainsbury’s, have also said convenience stores and service stations will open from 5pm.

Asda said it will close its shops for the funeral, but all of its supermarkets will open from 5pm, with colleagues working Monday night to receive double pay.

Other retailers, such as Marks & Spencer and Primark, have also said they will close for the day.

A limited number of Waitrose outlets along the funeral route may remain open to serve members of the public in attendance. These shops will remain closed during the funeral service.

Primark, WH Smith, Currys and Toolstation, however, are among the companies that have confirmed that their doors will be closed to the public on Monday.

And the pubs and restaurants?

A number of pub groups have stated that they will have venues open during the day.

The Stonegate pub group said it will open on Monday and plans to show the queen’s funeral on screens.

Premier Inn Whitbread’s owner also said he will keep his hotels and restaurants open as usual.

JD Wetherspoon said central London, the train station and the airport pubs will open from 8am on Mondays, while most of his pubs will only open from around 1pm after the funeral.

Fullers Group – which has 400 pubs across the country – has announced that it expects all of its pubs to stay open.

“We expect Fullers pubs to open on the day of the funeral to provide a place where people can meet and pay their respects,” a spokesperson said.

McDonald’s will close all its UK restaurants on Monday from midnight to 5pm to allow staff to “pay their respects” to the Queen.

Will the public toilets be open?

The City of Westminster said the public toilets on Parliament Street, SW1A 2NU will be open 24 hours a day until midnight.

All of their public toilets will be free during the bank holiday weekend, September 17-19.

For those attending the funeral procession in person in the designated viewing areas, there will be first aid facilities, restrooms and concession kiosks where a light snack can be purchased.

Which roads will be closed?

People have been warned to avoid driving in parts of London on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

One of the UK’s largest transport operations will take place on Monday, with around one million people expected to visit the capital.

Road closures on the A4 and A30 will begin to enter from 6am, with full closures in both directions after 10am, which will likely not be lifted until the evening.

There will also be multiple closures on local roads along route A4.

People wishing to drive in central, west and south west London are advised to check before traveling, allow more travel time and expect long delays.

Bus lines will also be severely affected with many routes diverted or stopped before their destinations.

Andy Lord, Chief Operating Officer of Transport for London, said: “We know London will be very busy tomorrow and we advise everyone to check before their trip.

“If you can avoid driving into London tomorrow, we strongly recommend that you do so, as there are a significant number of road closures in place and travel will take much longer than usual, especially in West London.”

Some road closures will last until the evening.

Will the trains be running?

Around 250 extra rail services will be operational, including some night trains, and National Highways has suspended planned motorway closures across England.

The transport network is feared to be overwhelmed on Monday afternoon if too many people visiting the capital return home soon after the funeral procession leaves Westminster shortly after noon.

TfL chief Andy Byford said: “We are probably ready for one of the busiest days Transport for London has ever faced.

“It’s hard to say exactly how many more people (will travel), but we’re preparing for potentially a million people right within the footprint of the royal palaces and Hyde Park.”

Network Rail has postponed engineering work and keeps its London stations open overnight to provide shelter for mourners struggling to get home.

All night trains only serve limited destinations, mainly within the M25.

Stationary trains are used as waiting areas early in the morning for people waiting to catch a train home.

Priority will be given to elderly and vulnerable mourners.

Three tube stations – Westminster, St James’s Park and Hyde Park Corner – will remain closed for much of Monday morning to avoid overcrowding.

Will the flights be canceled?

More than 100 flights to Heathrow Airport will be canceled to prevent aircraft noise from disrupting work at Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle.

West London Airport announced that 15% of its 1,200 flights taking off or landing on Monday will be disrupted.

British Airways – the most affected airline – has canceled 100 short haul flights due to restrictions.

Will there be a public holiday every year?

There are currently no plans to hold a permanent public holiday every year in honor of the late queen.

However, a petition was launched to celebrate September 8, the day of the deceased queen’s death, with a public holiday every year. The campaign, organized by John Harris on the Change.org petition site, has already collected more than 130,000 signatures.

What else is affected by the funeral?

real mail

The Royal Mail announced that it would suspend services on the day of the funeral out of respect for the monarch.

Simon Thompson, chief executive of the Royal Mail, said the service will continue to play an “important role” in delivering messages of condolence to the royal family.

Collections of bins

Most UK municipalities have said waste collection services will be completely canceled on Monday, so it will be a day later than usual for the rest of the week.

This extends to local recycling centers and publicly run tips in many areas. Commercial waste collection will also be canceled on the day of the funeral.

Regular street cleaning services will also be reduced or canceled altogether, according to some recommendations.

Parks and cemeteries

While the parks remain open, all bars, businesses or centers within them will be closed. The cemeteries will also be closed on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Council buildings

Almost all public buildings will be closed, including city halls, libraries, recreation centers, swimming pools and gyms. In some areas, facilities such as artificial soccer fields or independent gyms will remain open.

Heritage sites

Historic sites across the UK, from Stonehenge to HMS Belfast, will be closed.

English Heritage, which takes care of the world-famous prehistoric stone circle and other important monuments and properties including Dover Castle, Eltham Palace in London and the Roman fortresses on Hadrian’s Wall, said all of its sites will be closed on Mondays.

National Trust homes, gardens, cafes and shops will also be closed on the day of the funeral.

The organization said coast and countryside car parks, cottages and pre-booked campsites will remain open to visitors.

Museums and Galleries

The Imperial War Museums, which have museums in London, Manchester, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, Churchill War Rooms in central London and HMS Belfast on the River Thames, are closing all five sites.

Major galleries, including the National Gallery in London, the National Galleries of Scotland and the Tate Galleries, will also be closed, as will museums including the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A in South Kensington, London.

The National Museum of Scotland will also close its doors to visitors, and Museum Wales said it will close its seven sites on Monday.

SSN GP and hospital appointments

Thousands of appointments between family doctors and hospitals have been canceled.

NHS hospitals in England have been advised to contact all patients with appointments on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, whether their appointment has been postponed or not.

Some large hospitals have said they will postpone “the vast majority” of non-urgent cases. Others – including major cancer centers – have said they expect services to work “as usual”.

GPs have been told they can close their doors, and local areas have been asked to ensure that there are enough “after hours” services to meet demand.

School closures mean that some doctors and nurses have said they have no choice but to take a day off to provide childcare.

Hospital funds are expected to make their own appointment decisions based on local staff levels and whether or not local transportation will mean patients and staff are unable to attend.

An NHS spokesperson in England said: “As with any public holiday, NHS staff will work to ensure that urgent and emergency services, including urgent dentist and family doctor appointments, are available – and patients will be contacted. from their local trusts, if necessary, with regard to existing assignments.

“Covid vaccination services, particularly in nursing homes, are asked to continue their work given the importance of protecting people before winter and the public should access NHS services in the usual way, including through 111 online or 999 in case of emergency “.

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